Make it impossible to assign more than one ORCID to publication per author listed

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  • Ana Cardoso

    Thanks for your question. To better answer your question, it may be helpful to understand how information gets attached to an ORCID Record. Each link between an ORCID iD and an item (such as one represented by a DOI) is stored separately in the ORCID Registry, and is explicitly put there by the iD holder. When doing a search on something like a DOI, you will see each of the ORCID Records that have this DOI included in it. For example, for the DOI you searched ( 5 search results are found: (Laura Paglione) (Howard Ratner) (Ed Pentz) (Laurel Haak) (Martin Fenner)

    This means that these five individuals explicitly put this DOI onto their records, and assuming that none of them has done so in error, you would consider these individuals to be contributors to this article. Note that, since each contributor explicitly adds items to his or her ORCID Record, there may in fact be additional contributors to this publication. It is always best to go back to a source for the record type or use the work’s citation field for full information about the work itself.

    When searching on something like a DOI, at times you may find more than one search result for the same person (i.e., same ORCID iD). This situation is expected, as researchers may connect their iD to a publication in more than one repository. Having each version available to you allows you to see the metadata as it appears at the various sources, often providing a more complete picture of the metadata.

    A quick comment on possible duplicates: While it is rare, it is possible for an author to have more than one ORCID iD in the ORCID Registry. When duplicates are found, we work with researchers to deprecate one iD to another, combining them to refer to the same ORCID record.

    It's thus conceivable that a user who forgets that they have already created an ORCID account, could create another one and assign themselves to the same paper. It's also conceivable that someone could claim a publication as their own when this is not the case.

    Therefore, when an author from the list of authors has already been assigned an ORCID, the system should not allow assigning another ORCID. The user should be able to dispute his/her claim to the authorship, however.

    In this case as you were searching for an ORCID staff member there may have been multiple records for Laura Paglione marked as "Laura Paglione Test" or "Laura Paglione Staff." As staff members we're constantly testing functionality in the ORCID Registry with multiple account and as it's easiest to link accounts to our own publications this duplicate situation may arise. However, we always have these accounts marked as "test" or "staff" accounts and regularly remove them from the Registry.


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