Allow users to add other identifers to their profiles




  • Andy Mabbett
    Allowing the entry of Wikidata IDs would also render my "Allow authors to enter URL of their Wikipedia biography" suggestion [1] redundant. [1]
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  • Ana Cardoso

    Hi Andy,

    This is an excellent suggestion and one we've talked about a few times at ORCID. I've marked it as under review as we'll need to figure out the best way to include these other identifiers, before we can start work on it. But hopefully this is something we'll be able to fit into our development priorities this year.

    ORCID Support

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  • rjohara
    I'm most interested in the linkages between the various name-authority systems, and so I second this call for being able to add additional formal identifiers to the "Other IDs" section. Various library cataloging systems have generated name-authority records for people over time, and these are not always well integrated. (That's one of the things that ISNI is aiming to improve.) I hope ORCID will continue to look at ways we can make these links explicit to help the process alson -- I've had two VIAF records generated for my name and two WorldCat identities, for example. You're welcome to use my profile as a sample for some of these identifiers. (I have put them in the "Websites" section since they cannot be added to the "Other IDs" section.)
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  • Finn Årup Nielsen
    I note that for documents there are a range of identifiers (pdb, pmc, pmid, urn, zbl, ....) I would like to see the Wikidata identifier there too as an option.
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