Allow for multiple email fields during the registration process using the API to avoid/minimise duplicate ORCID creation

Not planned



  • Anonymous
    Thanks Alainna. However, allowing for only one email at creation will result in duplicates as it is not uncommon for researchers to have multiple email address (at our institution individuals can have up to 7 aliases). Preventing duplicates would be far preferable. Also, the current workflows for dealing with possible duplicates is not scale-able as it requires manual work from the researcher and from the ORCiD end. This in turn will mean that many duplicate ORCiDs will remain, as it will be difficult to get individual researchers to follow up regarding their possible duplicates. Ideally, preventing duplicate creation is the best solution which could be done by allowing multiple email fields at a "prior to creation" point in the workflow.
  • Ana Cardoso

    Thank you for your comment.

    The ORCID Registry is designed to prevent duplicate iDs from being created by only allowing one ORCID record per email address, and checking for duplicates based on name at the point of registration.

    We also encourage users to add additional email addresses after they have created their ORCID record.

    For more, see

    Despite the controls we have in place, there will be times when a duplicate will be unintentionally created. For these situations, the ORCID Support team can help users with multiple records to mark one ORCID iD as a primary one, and the other iD as deprecated.

    For more, see

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