Reduce page reloads for version edits

Not planned



  • Ana Cardoso

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    This is a grat idea!

    However, this development will be in our long term planning, unfortunately, right now we just don’t have the staff to make this suggestion happened so it will be postponed for now.

    Warm regards,
    ORCID Community Engagement and Support

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  • Anonymous
    I have uploaded a bibtex with my 177 publications and have gone through my whole publication list on ORCID to merge my entries with those that were there already by manually adding identifiers that are impossible to provide in the bibtex entries, like for Scopus or PubMed. This was tedious work, because editing is really slow and cumbersome. The main problem in my view is that the system regenerates the list all the time. Even if I click on 'edit this item' (pencil symbol) and then cancel the edit, the whole list is being regenerated. This causes a lot of traffic over the internet and takes time. Even worse, one has to scroll back to where one was working each time, because the regeneration of the list brings you up again to the top of the list. If you have to do this 100 times, it gets really annoying. It would be great if this could be improved. Mendeley has a nice an fast GUI for editing references (there I would just replace the single pencil by a pencil and a basket to avoid the need for two clicks, when one wants to edit an entry).
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