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    Thank you for your suggestion to improve the ORCID Registry.

    Our understanding is that the idea is for a feature where you can input an email address and then learn the ORCID iD associated with that email address. Is this correct? (If we have misunderstood your suggestion, please do let us know.)

    If so, this is a feature that we would not be implementing at present. Per our policy, we do not disclose information which the record holder has not made public. Email addresses on ORCID records are generally set to private -- fewer than 2% of the email addresses in the ORCID Registry were set to public visibility as at 2016.10.01. (One can search the ORCID API with a certain email address to find whether it is publicly listed in the ORCID Registry. See: )

    We understand how important it is to be able to identify your researchers. That is why we encourage use of OAuth verification: Your system connects the researcher to ORCID, the researcher signs into ORCID. and ORCID returns the researcher to your system, along with an authorisation code your system can use to obtain their verified ORCID iD (as well as an access token to perform other requested actions you have received through user permission). This takes the burden of searching ORCID off of you, because the researcher is providing it to you by quickly signing into their account.

    We also understand that it can be useful to identify the email address of a record holder. We are currently working on a feature to enable members to request permission from the record holder to read the primary email address on the record -- even if that address is set to private visibility -- during the OAuth permission process. Of course, individuals will have the ability to opt out of granting the permission.

    You can follow our development on this feature on our Current Development Trello board:

    Warm regards,
    ORCID Community Engagement and Support

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