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  • Alainna Wrigley

    Thank you for your suggestion to improve the ORCID Registry.

    Our understanding is that you are suggesting that the automatic link created on the ORCID Registry when PMID, e.g., 12345678, is added to a work resolve to rather than -- is that correct?

    External work identifiers are added upon the suggestion of our members who use these identifiers when exchanging works data with the ORCID Registry. The Europe PubMed Central -- an authorised PMC International centre -- has built a Search & Link Wizard which has integrated Europe PMC's repository with the ORCID Registry, providing a useful service to researchers in helping them connect their works data to their ORCID Records. The Europe PMC receives its journal content directly from the main PMC. Europe PMC are actively adding works with PMIDs to the Registry, which is why the default version resolves to their URL. It is possible this can be revisited should NIH create a PMC integration with ORCID.

    In the meanwhile, if you are adding the work manually to your ORCID Record, you can overwrite the auto-generated Identifier URL with the version.

    Warm regards,

    ORCID Community Engagement and Support

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