API v2.0 be allowed to update the biography as API v1.2 currently can



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  • Alainna Wrigley

    Thanks for your suggestion to improve upcoming versions of the ORCID API.

    Unlike most other parts of the ORCID record, the biography is a single field -- it hasn't a put code as it exists only in the singular. So to update it, your system would need to fully overwrite the biography, potentially removing what the user has already input.

    The rationale behind not having the biography field be editable by any party other than the user is the same as why users cannot edit data that a client application has added: only the source of the data should be able to edit that data.

    Could you provide some suggestions for consideration of how this could benefit users and workflows that could work for all parties?

    Thank you.

    Warm regards,
    ORCID Community Team

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