Place more controls on DOI entry and group more DOI variants together



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    Alainna Wrigley

    Thanks for your suggestion for improving the Registry.

    Our policy is to not change data that the user or member has added to the Registry. Once thing we can do is set the automatic URL that will be displayed when members or users only add the identifier and not the identifier URL. Earlier this year we updated this so the default is[DOI] rather than[DOI]. See:

    We have also enabled case insensitive DOIs (and other identifiers) to group in the ORCID record. See:

    Finally, we have enabled a validator for DOIs and other common identifiers. When a researcher manually enters a DOI on a works entry form, our system will query DOI agencies to check the DOI, and automatically generate the URL field[DOI] 

    We'll update this post when we have more information to share. Thanks again for your suggestion. 

    Warm regards,
    ORCID Community Team

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