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    Thanks for your suggestion to improve the ORCID Registry.

    ORCID launched our peer review functionality in 2015. Researchers reviewing for participating organizations provide their ORCID iD when accepting a peer review assignment and, upon completion, the organization posts an acknowledgement of their review activity to the reviewer's ORCID record if the researcher has granted permission to do so. The review activity can be as general or specific as required, in order to support open or double blind peer reviews.

    As of September 2017, 10 organizations have implemented ORCID peer review and three -- AGU, F1000, and Publons -- have recognized review activities on 9,800 ORCID records. For more data related to peer review on ORCID, see:

    For more information on what goes into the peer review functionality on ORCID, see:

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    ORCID Community Team

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