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How are organizations identified in ORCID?

About organization identifiers

Researchers may include employment and education affiliations in their ORCID records. Affiliations must include an institution's name and address but should also include a unique identifier to disambiguate the institution. Currently, ORCID uses Ringgold organization identifiers to generate a pick-list of organizations. Ringgold is a registration agency for ISNI, and the Ringgold database will soon include crosswalked ISNI organizational identifiers.

Affiliations selected from the pick-list in the ORCID interface are linked with a Ringgold identifier automatically. Affiliations added via the API should use the <disambigated-organization> field to include the Ringgold identifier. In each case, ORCID recommends that users choose the parent organization (and not the division or department) as the affiliation. Department and title information may be provided in a separate field.

(NOTE: Developers using the ORCID API for affiliations should use XSD Version 1.2 or higher. See the XSD Readme file for more information.)

Determining your Ringgold Identifier

Search for a single identifier

Ringgold provides a free search (registration is required) for looking up identifiers at For the best results, one should use the full name of the institution they seek, rather than abbreviations or acronyms. The main institution name will be recorded in its native language. Member organizations who need to locate multiple Ringgold identifiers should contact us for more information.

Get an identifier from the ORCID Registry

Institutions added to the ORCID Registry via the provided list in the user interface have their Ringgold identifier included when accessed via the API.


Updating Organizational Information

Since the data about organizations are maintained by Ringgold, any updates or corrections to data should be reported to them.

ORCID does not maintain the organization list under the education and employment sections of the ORCID record. This data is imported directly from the Ringgold Identify database, and we regularly update the list of organizations in ORCID based on data provided by Ringgold.

If any organization is missing from this database you can contact Ringgold about having it added at

Organizations not in Ringgold

ORCID will work with its members to ensure that each is included in Ringgold. If you are an ORCID member and are not listed in Ringgold, please contact us for more information.

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