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This article described how to add personal information to your ORCID record. For adding other types of information to you record see Add education and employment, Add funding or Add works.

Information Privacy Settings

Next to most fields in your ORCID Record you will see a privacy selector that lets you set who can see the information you enter. The options are:

  • Public: Information anyone who looks at your record can see
  • Trusted Party: Information only made available to organizations that you have specifically granted access to
  • Private: Information that no one but you can see
For more information, read about the ORCID Privacy Settings or see our Privacy Policy.

Add Personal Information

You can update your personal information by clicking the pencil icons next to the field you want to edit. Fields that can have multiple entries will display a plus sign to add more information.


You can edit how your name appears on your ORCID record by clicking the pencil icon next to your name. The Published name field is the one that displays at the top of your ORCID record. The Also know as field can be used to record other names you go by and other versions of you name.

For more about names see Names in the ORCID Registry.


The biography field can be used to provide a brief description of your professional career. It is limited to 1000 characters and can only be in plain text.


This field is a drop down list where you can select the country you currently work in.


Keywords are any words or phrases that describe your research activities and might help someone identify you. Multiple keywords can be entered, up to 256 characters total.


Your ORCID record can be linked to multiple external webpages such as a personal website, department profile, Wikipedia page, or social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and others.

Under the Website section, enter information about the website into the Description and URL boxes.

  1. Enter a description of the website. This description is displayed as part of your record and should be kept brief.
  2. Enter the full URL of the website you want to link to.
  3. Save your changes. 

Saved websites display with the just the description, which links to the provided URL. 

You can add an unlimited number of websites but each must have a unique URL. Websites with the same URL as a previously added website will not save.

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