Your ORCID Record

Your ORCID record can be edited at after logging-in. The various functions available in your ORCID record are described below.

1. Search

The search box at the top of the page lets you find other researchers in the ORCID registry. You can search by name, keywords, or works.

2. Account Settings

The Account Settings tab is where you can change your email, password, email preferences, and manage the permissions you have extended to ORCID members to interact with your record.

3. View Public ORCID Record

This link lets you see how your record appears to others, it includes only publicly shared information.

4. Update Personal Information

The Update button will let you edit your personal information which includes all the information displayed in the left column of your record.

5. Import Research Activities

This button will let you import your publications or other works from a third-party site.

6. Update Works

This button will open the Manually Add works window to let you add works to your record.

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