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Why should I verify my email address?

Email verification is an integral part of the ORCID Registry. A verified email address is needed for some actions, such as issuing credentials for the public API. In these cases, you will be prompted to verify your address before you can continue.

It's quick and easy to verify your email address. Check your inbox for a message from ORCID, open it, and click on the Verify your email address link. If you can't see a message from us in your inbox, check your spam folder for messages from

Verifying your email address allows us to be certain that the address on your account is your valid, active email address which we can use to contact you in the event that we need to send you a service announcement or other important information about ORCID. (Service announcement notifications about changes to ORCID services or policies are rare, and are sent to all ORCID registrants regardless of stated email frequency preferences.)

Organizations and systems that connect to the registry are also notified whether an email address has been verified during the data exchange process if you have allowed your address to be shared with them. 

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