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    1. Introduction to the ORCID API
    2. Getting connected to the ORCID Registry
    3. Register a Client Application
    4. Structure of the ORCID Identifier

    1. Obtaining Access Tokens
    2. ORCID Scopes
    3. Tokens Through 3-legged OAuth Authorization
    4. Tokens Through Client Credential Authorization
    5. Presenting ORCID in your system
  3. REST API 

    1. Explore the API with Tools and Consoles
    2. The ORCID Query API
    3. The Tier 2 OAuth Process in cURL
    4. POST oauth/token
    5. POST oauth/token (for reading public data)
  4. Website User 

    1. Getting Started with your ORCID Record
    2. Overview of your ORCID record
    3. Create an iD: Website User
    4. Get your iD: Website User
    5. Add personal information: Website User
  5. Integration Manager 

    1. Create an iD: Integration Manager
    2. Get an iD: Integration Manager
    3. Get information: Integration Manager
    4. Add Information: Integration Manager
    5. Update Information: Integration Manager
  6. Technical Developer 

    1. Create an iD: Technical Developer
    2. Get an iD: Technical Developer
    3. Get information: Technical Developer
    4. Add Information: Technical Developer
    5. Update Information: Technical Developer
  7. API Appendix 

    1. API FAQ
    2. API Error Codes
    3. Organizations in ORCID (Ringgold Identifiers)
    4. Customize the User Experience
  8. API Tutorials 

    1. Tutorial: Create a new record using cURL
    2. Tutorial: Create a new record with Google's OAuth Playground
    3. Tutorial: Retrieve an ORCID iD with cURL
    4. Tutorial: Retrieve data from an ORCID record with cURL
    5. Tutorial: Add Works with cURL

    1. XML for orcid-bio
    2. XML for orcid-works
    3. XML for affiliations
    4. XML for funding
    5. XML for creating iDs
  10. Data Structures and Lists 

    1. ORCID Data Structures and Lists
    2. Anatomy of a Citation
    3. Anatomy of a Contributor
    4. Supported Work Types
    5. Supported Work Identifiers
  11. Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. Where does information in the ORCID Registry come from?
    2. What is the relationship between ISNI and ORCID?
    3. How are new features decided?
    4. How do you keep the ORCID Registry secure?
    5. Names in the ORCID Registry
  12. All articles 

    1. Explore the API with Tools and Consoles
    2. ORCID Data Structures and Lists
    3. GET oauth/authorize
    4. ORCID Privacy Settings
    5. Trusted organizations

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